October 11, 2012

Welcome to Amelia's Girlfriends

Welcome to Amelia's Girlfriends!! I am very blessed to have so many wonderful girlfriends who have shared so many beauty secrets, adventures, relationship advice and shopping tips with me over the years. 

Inspired by an article a friend sent to me, I started a google.doc where myself and my ladies could start compiling tips that we've picked up for the years. Some of the tips were simple hair tricks, and others involved the complexities of break ups. 

As a high school art teacher, I realized that a lot of my students could really benefit from knowing some of these tips in their lives, especially my Grade 12's about to enter college life. I wanted an outlet to share all of these great ideas I was coming across, and while on vacation Ameila's girlfriends was created.

Not everyone has great girlfriends like myself, but everyone has Amelia!!

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