October 13, 2012

Try it Dry: Tip #1

The dry shampoo I am currently using is Algemarin in the 
orange bottle (it also comes in a blue bottle). I came about discovering this shampoo after I left my Oscar Blandi at a friends over of the weekend. I've only ever seen Algemarin at pharmacies in Quebec for about $7, but it is well worth the trip! I have a very dry scalp (which is odd considering how little I wash my hair) and I was able to purchase this shampoo that is safe for a sensitive scalp! 

 I throw it on before I jump in the shower, cover my hair in a shower cap, let it emulsify with the oils in my hair, then blowdry my hair to re-style it. Bam! Gorgeous hair ready to go for another day, or 4. 

They also make a slightly cheaper line called Batiste. This is available at every Shoppers for only $5! Their webpage is awesome and give dares you to "try it dry". 

Note: Algemarin is actually a powder in a can and will cover everything in your room with a small film if you apply it with little direction. Obviously the first time you use it you'll be so excited that your glass of red wine on the counter will end up being covered with a white coating. This is a normal response and don't let it discourage you. 

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