October 11, 2012

Science's Gift to Woman: Dry Shampoo

I have thick brown, curly, dry, frizzy hair. My hair didn't used to be this way. When I was a toddler I had blonde ringlets that strangers used to come up and touch as my Mom carted me around in my stroller. As a little girl I had wavy brown hair, then I hit puberty and BAM! curls. When in high school I had absolutely no idea how to tame my hair or wear it any other way than in a "messy" bun. Anyone who knows me before the age of 20 would best know me this way. It was my look, not because I liked it, but I didn't know what to do!

As I ventured into university I desperately wanted to learn how to style my hair. My first attempt was on route to an interview at Blockbuster video. I put on my favourite hot pink pencil skirt and a black t-shirt with my first name sewed on in sequins (glorious, I know). I then laid my head on my parent's ironing board, and proceeded to literally iron my hair straight. To be honest the results were pretty good, and I only managed a few scalp burns from the hot steam. This was my method of styling for some time and since it took so long to straighten my hair I wanted to preserve it for as long as possible. Hair washing, sudden downpours and swimming became my worst enemy!

I was able to leave my hair for about 3 days before the grease began taking over my roots and I'd be forced to wash my hair. Then it was back to the blow drier for 40 minutes to start the process all over again. 
My friend Lindsay and I at the campus convenience store, Rez express. I am wearing my trademark messy bun, and Linds wears her hair in a rare shade of brown (poorly applied by a lady with massive hands weeks prior to his pic). She is a stellar blonde now. 

Years passed. I was no longer using an iron, or a flat iron to style my hair, and was now proficient enough to use a round brush and a blowdryer. I've kept my in general fairly long for the most part, and even though my styling techniques have improved significantly, it still took me a good 30 minutes to dry my hair. I still wanted to preserve my hair and minimize the number of blow dries as much as possible. 

Enter my friend Lindsay. Lindsay has beautiful blonde, wavy hair and like myself hates blowdrying her hair. She has also been seeking a way of preserving a good blowdry. Upon a visit to Toronto, Lindsay let me use her newest discovery. She led me to the bathroom and gave me a tall, and thin white bottle with a cap like a bottle of mustard. "This", she told me, "is Oscar Blandi dry shampoo". 

I had never even heard of dry shampoo before but I knew I was hooked. Unlike baby powder which a few of the girls were using, Oscar Blandi was a thin, smooth powder that smelt like lemons. When you sprinkle it on your roots it absorbs the oil, and gives your hair a nice amount of volume. I knew my life had just changed. Using this dry shampoo, I was able to wash and blow dry my hair once to twice a week. I know this sound disgusting to some, but I felt that the longer I waited between washes, the better my hair was looking. I was now getting to sleep in more days every week, and I was able to get ready for work in 30 minutes. With results like these, who would ever want to wash their hair again?!


  1. This is a great post and yes, dry shampoo did change my life. I would like to share that I've recently switched from Blandi to Klorane ... I thought it couldn't get better but it did! Klorane's dispensing method is much better - it evenly disperses the powder where I found with Blandi it could come out in clumps. It's also a little lighter and actually is fragrance free for those who don't love lemons. To date I've only been able to find this product at Duane Reade in the US ... I stock-up on my work trips to NYC. That being said, it is available to order online at well.ca ... believe it retails for $18 ... not bad.

    Thanks for sharing Amelia :)

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