October 24, 2012

Tip #3 - Don't Floss Your Teeth

Well, not quite. I have always hated flossing my teeth, and really I think I've only met a couple of odd balls out there who look forward to getting their hands wet in their mouth while they put a thin piece of wax thread through their teeth.

At my annual visit in August, my dental hygienist seem to be fairly certain that I wasn't flossing at all despite my usual lie that I flossed a couple times a week. If you have ever told your dentist, or hygienist that you were flossing or even brushing more than you really were to avoid persecution, then this tip is for you.

My lovely Mother, who had gum surgery a few years ago as a result of bad genes and little flossing has been searching for an easy flossing solution for years. One of her girlfriends, and my godmother, Pam had the solution. G.U.M Soft Picks!!

G.U.M Soft Picks have a, "flexible rubber bristle that slide between the teeth to help safely remove plaque and food particles". They stimulate the gum, help fight gingivitis, fit between your teeth and have a little handle to keep your fingers dry! What else could you ask for?

My Mom immediately went to Costco and bought a case for herself, then gave me a pack of 80 picks (with a travel case for $6.25). I can't stop using them now!! I use the picks in the car, in the shower, while watching t.v., and after drinking a glass (or three ) of merlot.

I shared the tip with my girlfriends, and now they are addicted too!! If you've ever lied, or been afraid to see your dentist, then G.U.M Soft Picks are for you!

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