May 29, 2013

The Magic Eraser Really is Magic

When I was in my third year of university, I moved into a house with 5 other girls. I grew up living with three brothers, so I had high hopes about how a pack of girls would take care of a house. 

I have a very clear memory of what the bathtub looked like upon my arrival. It was black, stained and in general just plain disgusting! My Mom, the cleaner, immediately drove down to the A & P and bought a bottle of bleach. (I've also seen her do this at cottages we've rented). After a short soaking, the black spots went away, and now there was only some mildew to remove. But how to remove the mildew??

This answer wouldn't come for several years. One night a friend of my roommates was over and she was telling us how she cleans her tub with Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. The only experience I had had with these in the past was trying to get some scuff marks off of my friends wall in her apartment and taking off most of the paint instead. I thought they were a waster of time. Boy was I wrong!

I bought a 2-pack of Magic Erasers and went to town on my tub. I still believe in a light spraying of bleach to remove any life growing in the tub, but once I rinse it off, I get in there with the eraser. 

I find the best way to use the eraser is to get right into the tub or to throw your body over side and clean from your knees. For a treat, I like to clean it right before I need to jump in for a shower. There is nothing more rewarding than a super clean tub during a Saturday afternoon shower!

Depending on the state of your tub, you should see very obvious results as the Magic Eraser rips off the mildew. I use it in rows starting at the back of the tub, then do a light scrubbing of the walls. If you're never used this before you will be shocked by how much will come off of your tub. Its actually a tad disturbing!

The Magic Eraser will slowly disintegrate with use. I use the "pocket" magic erasers that break off to clean up the sink and any toothpaste stains that build up. It is also amazing in the fridge, on cupboards, coffee tables, and light switches. I've tried the specialty brands that Mr. Clean sells, but I don't find that they are any better than the original. Stick with the cheapest ones you can find, and then stock up when they are on sale!

Treat yourself this weekend to a fresh, mildew free shower. Your body and your allergies will thank you!