October 11, 2012

The Shellac: Part 1

As long as I can remember I've been a nail biter (except for the brief period of 1998-2003 when I denied it). My ballet teacher and some friends would tell me it was disgusting and that I was putting my self at risk for germs. Germs have really never been something that have bothered me, so this didn't faze me (good try people). Other people were just grossed out by my knawed off cuticles, or how often I have my fingers in my mouth. I could see how this would be a tad annoying. 

When I started on the dating scene post university, I started to become aware that on a first date guys really didn't want to see me having a pre-dinner snack on my nails. I knew I had to do something!

I had many stints (including my original quitting time in 1998, Grade 9) when I started wearing nail polish to curb my bad habit. The problem with nail polish became that it seemed to chip off the second it was dry. As someone already obsessed with looking at my nails I could not handle looking at chipped polish, and how immediately have to remove polish from the entire nail. Even once I discovered base and top polish, I couldn't see to get the polish to remain chip proof for more than 3 days. I'd wear polish and correct the nails over and over for a month or so then quit and go back to natural nails and biting. 

Enter 2012. My dear friend Lindsay was getting married, and my bestie Sarah was going to be one of the bridesmaids. She was going on and on about having her nails shellaced at the salon and how great the results were. The nails didn't chip or peel and were glossy and shiny for up to 3 weeks. I'd never had a manicure done before and I wasn't really excited about getting addicted to something that was going to empty my pocket book. When I got signed up to be a bridesmaid a few weeks later, I figured I would try it out. 

I only got a clear coat done since they didn't have any colours, but in this salon visit, the history of my nails would change forever. 

My nails suddenly became thick, they didn't bend, they were strong and nothing chipped off. I left that shellac on for about a month just painting my regular polish on over top. When they grow out line became a tad too extreme, I went to the salon and had a bright tangerine shellac applied. Again, I loved it. People were complementing my nails for the first time in my life. The only problem was the price. Shellac is more expensive than regular polish, so each manicure was $35. I knew I needed a way to fuel my addiction at a lower cost...

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