October 15, 2012

Are you wearing the right size?

This story begins in Grade 8. I was a very late developer (if you know what I mean). I don't think I even started wearing a bra until the middle of 8th grade. My best friend at the time was very supportive of my situation and constantly reminded me that I was as flat as a board, and that some day, if I was lucky, I might be able to compete with her blossoming 32A's. 

Fast forward to Grade 12, and I was rocking out in a 36C. I was loving life and she was still wearing a 32A. I wouldn't normally criticize someone for having a small cup size, in fact I am sometimes a little jealous of their ability to wear a low cut top and show off their elegant chest without the sluttiness of huge boobs cracking through the sides. In this case, I was glowing in the fact that I was teased mercilessly by someone who hadn't grown a larger cup since we were 14. My boobs and I felt good. 

With these new found boobs, I was wearing low cut tops, bouncing away on the dance floor and overflowing out of bathing suit tops I bought on the beach in Acapulco (I later gave away that bathing suit to my cousin, which I still regret). I even bought a couple of Air Bras where the padding is a little package of air. I really didn't need this extra lift, but I did know enough not to buy a water bra. Man were those heavy!

The Panache Superbra
As I entered university I was blessed to grown yet another size into a traditional 36D (or so I thought!). My boobs continued to bring me love, and prosperity, and containing them was easy while wearing lululemons and hoodies. 

Enter the work world. Five years ago, I began teaching and started to wearing button up blouses. This is where my padded bras from La Senza started to give me trouble. I just couldn't get that middle button to stay shut and was always adding pins to keep them closed, or with the help of my mother, sewing them shut. 

My cousin was getting married at the end of that September and my Aunt was on the search for a great strapless bra. One of her girlfriends told her about a new store in Westboro called BraChic: a bra fitting boutique. She went, bought a great strapless bra and couldn't be more pleased. What she was surprised about the most was that they had measured her for a completely different size than what she had been wearing for 50 years! My cousin also went for a visit, and came home with several bras also in a size that she had never imagined. I knew that I had to visit this store for myself! What I didn't know, what that my life and how I wore my shirts was about to change forever...

Locked and Loaded in style
I arrived at BraChic and was instantly in awe of all of the lace, silk, and colours before me. Almost all of the bras in the store come from the UK where they clearly understand the needs of woman better than us in North America. I guess Margaret Thatcher did more for her country that we ever imagined! 

The sales ladies were so kind, calming and they really knew their bras. I knew I wanted a strapless bra and a black bra. At the time they only sold two different styles of strapless bras because they knew that these ones were the best. She first measured me and declared me to a smaller band size, and a MUCH larger cup size than I had been wearing. Much to my boyfriends dismay, I don't need to give you my actual size, but it just sounded crazy to me and  is not available in any traditional bra shop. She explained that I had a small rib cage, and that every inch my bosom expanded from my chest was an extra cup size. I was wearing 6 inches of extra bra that I didn't even need!

I bought the two bras, thanked her profusely and went home to try on all of my clothes. My shirts now buttoned, cleavage didn't spill out of dresses, and I felt about 10 pounds thinner. I promptly got rid off all of the other bras and committed myself to a life of well fitting clothes. 

Fantasie's Fabulous Strapless Bra
Since that fateful day, I have purchased more bras from BraChic, but also discovered I can order my rare size on eBay direct from UK stores for around $30/bra. I love the brand Panache and have never found trouble finding exactly what I need. This is also a great site to browse for lots of different style available.

I have recommended BraChic to every large breasted, and even small breasted friend I have ever encountered and not one has been disappointed. I can't express to you how many friends have put finding their perfect bra size on the backburned, then finally took the time to go get properly measured. Every single one of them thanked me, and went on to recommend BraChic to other girlfriends. Fortunately, I discovered my proper size while in my twenties, and I hope you can do the same.

Who would want to burn their bras when they are this comfortable?


  1. If you are busty and want a good strapless this is for you! I got it to wear under a strapless bridesmaid dress and not only does the dress fit better, but I feel slimmer!

    I'm getting a second one in black, and am even wearing this bra with the straps for my tighter fitting button downs.

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