November 7, 2012

Those Easy, Breezy, Lauren's Every Day Waves!

One afternoon I was searching online for an avocado mask recipe to put on my hair to cure some dry ends. My girlfriend Alyssa told me that she used to make one with avocado and olive oil when she lived in Africa, and that it made her hair really soft. 

During my research I came across another blog called the Beauty Department. I must have spent a good hour going through the different entries, looking at the brilliant pictures and I finally ended up on their youtube page. 

There was a video called Lauren's Every Day Waves. If you don't know who Lauren is, she's LC from Laguna Beach, or Lauren from The Hills. I used to watch the Hills before Lauren left the show, and I will admit, I always wondered how she got those loose waves in her hair. I'll also add  that the last season of the Hills was so fake I couldn't stand it, and there wasn't enough Spidi madness going on to make it worth my while. The show was in its prime when LC yelled over and over again at Heidi in the club, "You know what you did!!". I'm still even sure I even knew what she did, but moving on...

Back in 2008, I would always curl the ends of my hair with a big curling iron, but they never looked like Lauren's. I would look more like a 18-year-old prom-queen on a good day, or an 8 year-old beauty-queen on a bad day. The curls never quite framed by face right, and went in all of the wrong directions. Why was this so hard to do?!

Up until three weeks ago, I had given up on the waves, and was just curling out my ends with the round brush on blow-dry days. After watching this simple 1:37 video, I ran straight for the bedroom, turned on my curling iron and about 8 minutes later had the look I've been trying to achieve for years!!! I already had a big curling iron, so I didn't need any curling wand or extra tools. I just didn't know the right location to start the curls from, or that a good run of the brush through at the end was essential. It was that simple.

The next day one of my fav student's said my hair looked pretty. At dinner that week Avocado Alyssa said she liked my waves. At dinner on Saturday another girlfriend asked how I got my look. It was really working. I had every day waves and people were noticing!

I was at a conference earlier this week, and a professional photographer was talking candid pictures throughout the day. When my picture went up on the big screen, I loved the way my hair looked. Let me tell you this is a huge revelation. I have always thought my hair looked decent when I walked out the door, but I was always let down when I saw it later in a picture. It just never had the look I was going for. Now that I know what I am doing I am addicted. I don't know if I can ever leave my ends natural again. 

I never did end up doing that avocado mask, but I did buy some Aragan Oil to rub into the ends of my hair. But, that's a story for another day...

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