November 5, 2012

Is There a Perfect Lipstick?

It's been a very busy weekend celebrating my darling boyfriend, Erik' birthday and I'm now in Toronto presenting a project for work, so I just thought I'd share this small story today. Happy Birthday Erik!!!

I used to love music videos. I would sit in my family room and watch Much Music religiously. I would tape the music videos that I liked onto a VHS tape and watch them over and over again with my friends. I would learn the dances from Backstreet Boys videos, and swoon over how cute Nick looked. My girlfriends and I used to pretend to be the singers from 98 Degrees, and battle over who would play Nick Lachey. I can even remember the first time I saw Britney Spears' "Baby, One More Time" video on a Friday before ballet class. 

I loved the Friday night countdown because I knew they would be playing all of the new videos, and I was guaranteed to be able to tape them. 

Do you remember the music video by Brandy and Monica for the "Boy Is Mine"? I was captivated by how amazing their lipstick was. Brandy's would shift from gold blends, to mauves. Monica from neutral to burgundy. The lipstick was seamless and really quite spellbinding. The song was pretty good too. Recently  Erik and I added this song on a playlist on Grooveshark and I've been thinking about their lip ever since. Not only did they find two beautiful girls to sing together, but they both have the fullest lips in the world. Really, they are a make-up artist's dream!

I've been wearing Clinique's Long Last Glosswear SPF 15 in Bonfire for the past two years. It goes on sticky, lasts a long time and really reflects light. The best part is that I can buy it at the Bay, Shoppers, or Sephora. It is far from the perfect blending of make-up artist, but it does the trick on a Monday morning in the office. I've tried stains before, lipsticks, pencils and plain glosses. Nothing every seems to last all day without feeling like dry clay on my lips. Is there is a perfect lipstick? Did Brandy and Monica have this figured out back in 1998? Will something ever beat my glosswear? Will Obama get re-elected this Tuesday?
Only time will tell...

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