November 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Lauren!

A little shout today to one of Amelia's Girlfriends Lauren on her 28th Birthday!!

We first started sharing tips, trick and life stories the summer of 2003 when we were both unemployed and took to tanning in my parent's backyard for hours on end each day. This is when life was simple, and we had the darkest tans of anyone in Barrhaven (sorry Lindz!).

Since then our friendship has flourished and Lauren has always been there with a new trick of the trade, a hair problem, and lots of relationship advice. I'll never forget when she called me every single morning for a month after a break-up. What a friend. 

Love you Lauren! Have an another amazing weekend!!!


  1. Are you aging her? isn't she 28?

  2. Wow I am aging her! Those late birthdays always mess me up. Sorry Lusty Lo!