November 16, 2012

The Bubba Adventure

All I  wanted was a Bubba mug for my trip to Cuba last March.

I was over at St. Pius high school for the day, and got out at 2:30pm. Loving the warm weather, I decided I would swing by the Walmart on Baseline Road to pick one up. I found the travel mug aisle, but there was nothing of the Bubba brand. I picked up a random 400mL travel mug and started to walk around hoping that I would find something bigger or more Bubba like. There were none. I did get some spray sunscreen and sewing needles though #score.

1.5 L Bubba
I texted my girlfriends Meaghan and Rochelle about where they got their Bubbas the year before and Meaghan recommended Canadian Tire. I then went to Canadian Tire on Carling since I was picking up the seating chart for Rochelle's wedding nearby. After trying to go up the escalator the wrong way, I made my way upstairs and found the travel mug aisle. They had only the huge 1.5L (52oz) jugs, or the little 20 oz ones. I wanted the 34 oz one! (side note: Bubba makes about 10 different sizes of travel mugs)

The big ones were only in black as well and I wanted something prettier to match my beach outfits. I thought about it for 10 minutes: Did I really need a mug this big? How much would it weigh when full? Would it fit in my new beach bag? I decided I would continue my search for the 34oz Bubba and to try the other Canadian Tire in Hull. 

I braved the rush hour traffic, took a detour when Eddy street was block and arrived at Canadian Tire by 3:45pm. I had really wasted a lot of time at Walmart.  I found the travel mug aisle, and again, only the 52oz and 20oz mugs. This time there were purple mugs, so I figured I go for the big one.

At this point I shared my dilemma through text with Erik; was a 52oz Bubba just too big for Cuba?  He went online to check what's going on and to see if 34oz Bubbas even existed anymore.

In the mean time, Rochelle responded that I should check at Walmart and that she needs one too. My phone rings, its Erik! The 34oz Bubbas are on sale at Canadian Tire #scoreagain! They are not available at the Carling, or Bells Corner locations, but there should be some in Hull. I search again, and only the big ones which were a ridiculous $20.

34 oz Bubba = Just right
I grab a sales man, he grabs a flyer, and he says that they are not on sale. I go to the flyer thing at the front of the store and show him that they are. He says that those ones are in the the automotive section in aisle 8. I say "Thank you", and go to aisle 8. There are 2, 34oz Bubba's left on sale for $6.72, and one is in purple!!! #winning.

I swoop them up, happily pay my $20 bill, and share my good news with Erik, Rochelle and Meaghan. Unfortunately, the other Bubba was black, but I promised not to charge her for it. 

Two hours later, I finally arrive at home.  As soon as I got in I put together the seating chart and start packing. At this point I remember how much I love ALL of my summer dresses. The bubba goes straight into my suitcase!

Erik was going to be working late, so I curled up and finish the Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's nest. I start writing this note of my journey then Erik says he is coming home, I suggest McDonalds and he says it coupon season! WooHoo!

Cuba here we come! (Note to the reader: Read Is Your Passport Expired? For what happened next..)

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