December 10, 2012

Want Cheap Shipping? Try Kinek!

As Christmas approaches, I am very busy online ordering all of the amazing gifts I am going to give my friends and family. Don't get me wrong, I love a good mall visit, but there is something about ordering a book from at 10pm at night from my bed that is addicting!

Some webpages are great to order from, and often have free shipping to Canada. My favourites sites are Banana Republic,, Chapters and Indigo, Kiwi Sheepskins, and Locale Shoes. I have never paid for shipping from any of these sites, and they seen to arrive in a matter of days.  I often have packages shipped to my work so that someone is there to sign for them (if necessary), and for some reason they just seem to arrive there faster than shipping them to my house. 

Recently Pottery Barn decided to ship some of their items to Canada. This is a VERY exciting development, but it comes with one hitch: The shipping costs are ridiculous. A friend of mine recently tried to order a few items and the shipping was listed at over $400! This is absolutely insane in my opinion and is basically robbery. 

Then I remembered that my girlfriend Rochelle had almost all of the goodies for her wedding (including tuxedos, and her wedding dress) shipped to Ogdensburg, New York for a fraction of the cost of having them shipped to Canada. The great thing is that Ogdenburg (if you can remember how to spell it), is only 45 minutes from Ottawa and an easy drive on Hwy. 416 towards Prescott. 

How does this work? Just set up an account with Kinek, and you'll be given an American address in Ogdensburg, NY!

1. Register for a free Kinek account at
2.Complete your profile
3. Select NAC Logistics in Ogdensburg (or any other border city) as your KinekPoint
4. You will now be presented with your new KinekPoint shipping address. Use this address when ordering online. That is all!!! 
5. Go online and shop to your hearts content! When the package arrives you'll receive a call or text to come and pick it up. You then have 15 days to collect it. 
Pottery Barn only charges $40 to ship to the US. That's a $360 difference from shipping it to Canada!!! Always check to see what the shipping costs directly to your front door, and if it's insane then see how much it would cost to ship to Ogdensburg. If you're saving a lot of cash, then they 45 minute drive will be totally worth it. 
While you're in the States you can pick up a turkey, a case of beer, and some sugary cereal to make the trip that all more memorable. Sometime it really pays off to do a little shopping around (even for shipping costs!). 

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  1. Yeah i agree with you sometimes shipping fee is almost equivalent to the price of the product which is very difficult to pay.