December 20, 2012

Online Dating: How to Select the Perfect Picture

With the colder weather and the holiday season approaching, there comes an increase of online dating profiles. Everyone is looking for someone to cuddle up with on a cold winter night, and for someone to bring to those amazing chalet parties. 

First impressions online are key, therefore your profile picture is a very important fixture of your profile; It is the #1 factor in having your profile selected. Every picture you post should be well thought out. 
You should have at least three pictures on your profile, but no more than five or six. Leave some things for your actually meeting. 

Picture #1: A close-up of your whole face. Try to find a good picture of yourself smiling and making eye contact with the viewer, then crop out everything else. For woman, a webcam shot photo is more successful than the average straight-on shot, but I only buy this for the under 25 scene. 

 Picture #2: A full body shot. It's important for who ever you are dating to know what they are getting in to. If you have big hips or long spider legs then show them off. There is nothing worse than you date being disappointed by their first visual impression. Be honest and upfront.

Picture #3 (-#5 if necessary): Wild card. Any other picture of you doing something you like, or with a different hair style. If you switch between straight and curly hair, have a picture of each on your profile. Again, honesty is what you're going for. 

  • Avoid having the arm or side of the face of your previous lover in your shots. This is a turn off for everyone involved.
  • Don't post pictures from 10, 5 years ago or even 3 years ago.
  • Movember stache pics are a questionable choice (unless you looked amazing!)
  • If you've only ever travelled once in your life, posting all your pictures from this trip paints an incorrect picture of your life. 
  • Be diverse with your selections. 
  • Blurry pictures are not going to help your cause
The Huffington Post's tip for successful profile pics is an interesting read as well. For both genders the top contexts are 1. Doing something interesting 2. Posing with an animal, and 3. A travel photo.

Whatever you do not post pictures where you are:
  • Posing in a sexual nature, or with little clothing. This sends out the wrong idea to other serious daters. Slight cleavage will give you an edge though. 

  • You are obviously under the influence, or where it's not clear who you are in the picture. Look a little bit responsible.

  • Taking the picture in your mirror. Show some effort and be less creepy. Yikes! 

  • Okay maybe not this much effort!

Take some time over the holidays and search for some great pictures on your hard drive. If there is nothing good in sight, take advantage of holiday parties and get togethers to have someone take a picture for you. Look Better Online has some great additional tips and resources to take a profile picture for you. 

Don't throw away a good first impression!


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