May 26, 2017

Good-bye Tight Waist Bands!

At 16 weeks pregnant my husband, some friends and I went on a trip to Mother Cuba. It was my 5th time going, and my first time where I couldn't drink. I wouldn't recommend it.

On the way home, we were making a pit stop in Toronto for a dear friend's wedding and we were going straight from the airport to the rehearsal dinner. I had packed an easy dress that I knew would still fit and a pair of dance tights that I had just bought from Amazon. Here's the thing. I was so tired at that point in my pregnancy that I could not make it to the store to buy my favourite Mondor tights. I went against all of my best instincts and bought another brand of dance tights in XXL. That's right, two XX's. They were terrible! My belly was just starting to get a little bigger and the waist band was digging into my stomach so badly at dinner that it was hard to think about anything else! 

The next day I knew I had to wear them again for the wedding and I didn't know what I was going to do! Fortunately, my friend Lindsay was also 16 weeks pregnant and had purchased a pair of black Feel Free Maternity Tights from Thyme Maternity. GAME CHANGER!! There was no waist band at all and they had an extra panel in front to fit a growing belly. They were soft, thick and oh so comfortable. I am still so grateful that she lent them to me that day! I got through the wedding fairing pretty well until about 11pm, when my belly decided to pop and my dress no longer zipped up all of the way. You win some and you lose some!

As soon as I got home, I went shopping and bought myself the maternity tights. Not only were the tights on sale, but it was buy one get one 50% off so I treated myself to two pairs. Now that the baby is out and my belly is back to normal, I am still wearing the tights. They stay up really well and I do not need to worry about anything pinching or rolling over.

Besides my daughter, they might be the best thing to come out of my pregnancy!


  1. Being pregnant is quite a struggle, glad to hear you got through the wedding alright, can only imagine how tough it must be. Hope everything works out well for you, looking forward to more posts soon!

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