January 4, 2013

Got a Problem? Argan Oil Will Fix It!

I haven't always had dry skin and I do not remember when it started, but it did start, and it really sucks in the winter! My first memory of my face cracking in the winter was my first year of university in Kingston, Ontario. I had a class on the other side of campus and in order to get there we had to walk across the rugby field while blistering winds raged upon us from Lake Ontario. That ten minute walk in January seemed like the longest walk I'd ever taken in my life. My skin would burn, but toes and fingers would freeze, and the sweatpants I was wearing would turn to ice. I wasn't cut out for this type of lifestyle. 

For Hair ONLY
Fast forward 10 years (ahh I can't believe its been 10 years!), and our Canadian winter begins yet again. I cannot get over how dry my face immediately becomes at this time of year, and even after applying moisturizer twice a day. My skin still begs for something more. Something natural, something that will actually delve into my pores and moisturize the shit out of my skin. This product is Argan Oil

Oil you say? I can't put oil on my skin! Oh yes you can! When we were teenagers we developed this idea that oil caused pimples and therefore, we would need to strip our skin of all oils in order to avoid our white and red little friends. Well now that I am older, (and hopefully a little wiser) I've learned that this is not the case! Our skin needs oil to stay moisturized, and stripping all of the oils away from our skin will only make our bodies produce even more oils to counter-balance what was washed away with our Noxema. 

I started by applying One 'n Only Argan Oil Treatment to my hair after I had seen several posts of its benefits from other blogs. It did a really good job at smoothing out my ends, and defining my layers. I knew that it had lots of other chemicals in it besides the oil, but it was only $10 so I thought it was worth a try. 

The following week I was at work, and some students had set up a booth and were selling fair trade African products. I spotted a little bottle of oil called 100% Pure Argan Oil, and purchased it for $20. I figured that a product with no chemicals in it what so ever would be better for my hair in the long run that one with lots of chemicals. I was pleasantly surprised when the label said, "argan oil is rich in antioxidants and fatty acids, which aid in softening dry skin and protecting it against dryness, cracking and roughness". 

The company the students were selling was a brand called Aghsane who export Argan and other oils directly from Africa. I had never even thought to apply an oil to my dry face, but desperate times, call for desperate measures! I wasn't quite sure what would happen if I slathered pure oil all over my skin, but after a few classes of wine with friends, we all figured we'd give it a go. It was the best risk I've ever taken. 

My skin has never felt better. After a shower I apply a small squirt of oil onto my palm, and smooth it all over my face. It absorbs in very easily, and keeps my skin smooth and moist all day. I've even stopped using my regular moisturizer, but will have to combine the two once spring hits and I need some SPF coverage again. Or I can try this great product which combines my love of Argan oil with SPF 40!

These are a few of the AMAZING things Argan Oil can be used for:
1. Skin Moisturizer
2. Hair Conditioner
3. Anti-Ageing (reduces fine lines and wrinkles)
4. Natural Healer and Protector (scars)
5. Clears up Acne, eczemarosaceapsoriasis
6. Softens cuticles
7. Safe for Babies and stretchmarks!

Make sure you read the label: Not all oils are made the same. In order to feel safe putting Argan Oil on your skin,  especially your face, you must ensure that it is 100% pure Argan Oil. There are many Moroccan oils sold in beauty supply stores which can be great for your hair, but are full of other chemicals and may only have argon oil as their last ingredient. Trust me, you do not want this on your skin. If the price seems to good to be true, then it probably is. Stick to the pure products!

The best part about Argan oil is that you will be applying no chemicals, including parabens, sulfates or dyes to your skin or hair.  The bad part is that it can be tricky to find Pure Oil at a decent price. I found this Essences of Argan Oil on well.ca for only $15, but this bottle of Josie Maran Oil from Sephora is $38. However, you only need to apply a small drop a day, so a 2oz bottle should last up to a year.

I've had so many friends telling me that I need to share the benefits of Argan oil so here it is! Spread the word, nourish your skin and don't be afraid of a little oil!


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